Turf Tennis Court Maintenance Tips

In the past we’ve discussed the wide range of advantages that come with choosing turf for your tennis court rather than grass, asphalt, or other types of surfaces. One of those benefits is the minimal amount of maintenance required to keep your court in top shape. However, turf courts still need to be cleaned, so don’t ignore the following suggestions in order to get the job done.

In general, the main thing you should be concerned about is keeping the surface of the court clean. Nobody wants to play on a dirty tennis court, so make sure any debris is removed at the start of each day. If too much debris builds up on your court, over time it can actually cause the surface to deteriorate. Cleaning your court at least once every few days will help you avoid these problems.

You should also aim to keep your turf court as dry as possible. While water won’t damage a court, it’s never a good idea to leave massive puddles around. Playing a game of tennis surrounded by water is fun for no one, so make sure you get rid of puddles any time it rains.

Overall, you should aim to give your court a thorough cleaning once every month. You can use normal household cleaning products to remove any mold or mildew that has built up around the court, but just make sure to you non-abrasive materials.

With these tips in mind, you should have no trouble making sure your court continues to look brand new!

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