What Affects the Pricing of an Outdoor Basketball Court?

If you’re thinking about building a basketball court in the back of your home or on your commercial property, one of your top concerns might be the price associated with doing it. It can, in some cases, cost a pretty penny to put in an outdoor basketball court. But the final cost will depend on a number of factors. Let’s take a look at some of the things that will affect the pricing of an outdoor basketball court.


The size of your basketball court is often going to be the biggest factor when it comes to how much it’ll cost. If you’re going to create a huge playing area with multiple basketball courts on it, it’s going to cost a lot more than a simple half-court setup. You should consider how big you want your basketball court to be before you start planning it out and keep the cost of different-sized courts in mind while you’re doing it.


To put a basketball court into place, a builder needs to make sure that the ground that will sit underneath it is hard and flat. This usually requires some degree of excavation, grading, and other prep work. The more that a builder needs to do to prepare the ground for your basketball court, the more you’re going to pay for your court in the end. It’s why you should take a look at a few different locations for your court if you can to see which one would be best for it.

Surface materials

There are a bunch of different materials that can be used to lay down the surface of your basketball court. From asphalt to concrete, you’ll have options as far as your materials are concerned. Post-tension concrete has turned into one of the most popular options in recent years since you can use it to cover an existing surface while creating a basketball court. It’s an option you should consider using when creating your new court.

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