When Should You Resurface Tennis Courts?

Some people have a tennis court installed and let it deteriorate over the years simply because they used it for the first year and then lost interest in playing tennis on it. Others, however, stay quite active, playing tennis for as long as their bodies and minds allow, right? Whether it’s a court for personal use– or public use– most tennis courts outdoors need to be resurfaced periodically in order to stay in decent, playable shape.

Tennis courts are not parking lots or roads. They’re uniquely constructed specifically for tennis players. That said, sometimes the installation process goes slightly awry and that could cause problems “down the road” for such courts. For instance, if there’s an improper slope, the court is likely to experience ponding water, which breaks down the surface over time. Or if there’s insufficient compaction, the court may become deformed and/or crack in certain places. And if there’s no proper drainage system (or one that gets messed up for whatever reason), then, of course, water backs up on the court, wearing out the surface. Much like a roof shouldn’t have standing water on it, neither should a tennis court.

Other things which can cause the need for court resurfacing include good old Mother Nature debris such as piles of leaves from nearby trees as well as vegetation that creeps in. Even something simple as a buildup of dirt on the court can interfere with playing tennis. Harsh weather makes an impact, too. Meanwhile, the more use a court gets, the more likely it’ll need resurfacing sooner than later after all those feet have been on it over the years.

Classic Turf Company of Connecticut has studied sports surfaces for more than three decades and come up with cutting edge technology to coat courts in such a way that they’re best protected from water and wear over time.

For instance, Classic Turf Company’s Prime Coating System is a patented sports surface designed to be applied over post tension concrete slabs. The Prime Coating System is made up of several different layers resulting in not only a durable sports surface but a waterproof system that will seal and protect the post tension concrete slab for decades to come.

You really do get what you pay for when it comes to tennis courts. It’s better to pay a little more initially for the job to be done right and well, rather than have to play “catch up” when too many problems arise thanks to shoddy workmanship and/or materials.

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