Why Couples Should Play Tennis Together

Did you ever wonder why many couples have tennis courts on their home properties? It’s often because they are a happily married couple with the time to afford to play together whenever the mood strikes them. Others have to wait to use their public courts and may or may not get on them. However, with your own tennis court, it’s available for use anytime day or night.

Couples playing sports together outdoors tend to have long lasting and happy relationships. It gets them doing something physical and mental in the fresh air, which is good for mind, body and spirit. All that movement makes for good exercise. Meanwhile, there’s the challenge of who will “win” at the playful game. Husbands and wives like to engage in sports like tennis because it gets their frustrations out in a good way, while also releasing “feel good” endorphins– chemicals in the body that literally make people feel more positive.

Relationships can benefit from time on the tennis court because it’s a good time for couples to be together, talking about anything and everything, while also getting much-needed exercise. Sports not only build self-confidence, but can also make people look and feel more attractive. Furthermore, when two people make a plan to meet on their tennis court, they’re saying, “We are setting aside time for each other with intent.” By being intentional, they’re going to increase their feelings of wanting to stay together, stay fit, and the idea that they share a common bond.

For some couples, tennis– or whatever outdoor sport they love– becomes a major part of their relationship, in a good and healthy way. Games like tennis can prove to be difficult, tiring and/or invigorating, just like life. Couples playing tennis get to show off both their strengths and weaknesses. They can be competitive, cheer each other on, challenge one another, show their emotions, and even get their frustrations out on the court. Tennis, it could be said, allows couples to be more honest with one another, because the game allows for passion and truth to shine forth. You don’t get that by using Facebook or staring at a smartphone screen.

Real relationships require real interaction. Tennis is the kind of face-to-face game where the two people playing are truly involved, living in the moment, with goals in sight. Who will win? Not knowing who will win is part of the fun. Then there are those who just like to play leisurely, without keeping score, worrying about rules, etc. For them, tennis is a chance to move around a bit, be outdoors, chat with their significant other about the day, and have fun– nothing wrong with that!

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