Why Fencing Around a Tennis or Basketball Court is a Prudent Investment

If you’ve ever played a game of tennis or basketball on a court that didn’t have any fencing around it, you’d say something like, “Where was the fence? I had to go chase the ball way too much!”

Indeed, when a tennis or basketball court is missing a fence around it, players have to spend a lot of time and energy (away from the game) chasing the ball, which could end up in a nearby ditch, a thorny patch of plants, and/or the parking lot where cars are moving– and could hit a person. Yikes!

A Clear Boundary

Fencing is important because it creates a clear boundary. It also contains things, like flying balls. And it deters trespassers who shouldn’t be there, especially if there’s only one way in and one way out.


Most court fencing these days is chain link fencing, an affordable and popular option. For those who want to increase their sense of privacy, evergreen vines (both real and fake) can be added to fencing to make a court more private. Meanwhile, having a fence up protects passersby from getting hit with balls. It also prevents obstacles from entering and/or blowing into/onto the court. Fences work well for wind protection, as well as privacy and security purposes.

Fences Fabricated from Classic Turf Company

Classic Turf Company actually fabricates our own custom metal fence system for our tennis and basketball courts. Rather than use standard round pipes and fittings, we use 2-inch square tubing with welding done at the joints– all in the name of durability. Because fence posts and rails are welded together in this configuration, they don’t shift out of place and look crooked like others tend to do.

Custom Options

Classic Turf Company can customize your tennis/basketball court fence system using materials like metal, wood and vinyl, complete with straight or curved lines and gates. If you want the fence to look like it disappears into its surroundings, then go with our popular black finish.

If you’d like to discuss fencing for your current court and/or buying/installing new tennis/basketball courts complete with a proper and durable fencing system, please call Classic Turf Company at 800-246-7951.

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