Why Some Property Owners Prefer Rooftop Tennis Courts

Have you ever been to a touristy area? If so, you know how congested it can be! There’s usually a lot of traffic, and not much “free space” available. Take, for instance, parts of coastal Florida like Miami Beach or Daytona Beach… space is at a premium because everybody wants to have an ocean view. When that happens, it’s not unusual to find rooftop tennis courts. Sometimes building planners place tennis courts over parking garages. Other times, they place them on the roof of residential or commercial buildings for a number of reasons.

A Visual Experience

If you had the chance to play tennis on a rooftop, would you take it? Thanks to nets and fencing, you wouldn’t have to worry about balls going out of the court. Furthermore, you’d get incredible views of nearby buildings, streets, and, depending where you are, the local attractions such as the beach or mountains.

A Unique Feature

Some property owners prefer rooftop tennis courts because it’s a smart utilization of space while also being an amazing amenity– after all, they’re not “that common,” so having a rooftop court sets a place apart from the competition.

A Logical Solution

Sometimes the area around a building is not suitable for a tennis court because the ground below is, for example, marshy or wetlands. And sometimes a tennis court just won’t fit on the available footprint and can’t be positioned/oriented the ideal way– north-south… so, placing it on a rooftop becomes the logical solution.

A rooftop court helps people feel like they’re part of their environment– they get some sun, light and air “up there.”

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