Why You Should Consider a Cushioned Tennis Court Surface

Tennis is a game played all over the world by all sorts of people, from amateurs to professionals. And the game is played in a wide variety of settings, both indoors and outdoors. Some have their own personal backyard courts while others use public courts at the local school or park. One thing most people don’t think much about is tennis court surfaces. They will play on whatever’s readily available to them. That said, if you’re thinking about having your own tennis court created and/or resurfacing a current court, then the tennis court surface becomes an issue worth exploring. 

Choosing the Right Tennis Court Surfaces

There are different types of tennis court surfaces including clay courts, hard courts, grass courts and carpet courts. What about cushioned tennis court surfaces? Why consider those? 

If safety is paramount, then a cushioned tennis court surface is a great choice. It’s soft. It’s a “forgiving surface,” which means you can fall on it and you probably won’t scrape a knee or hurt yourself. Cushioned surfaces involve the use of one or more layers of acrylic cushioning foam placed between the surface of the court and the substrate beneath.

Cushioned courts are especially good for people who tend to fall down… such as younger kids or older adults. Cushioning helps both young and old alike avoid long-term tennis injuries involving the joints, knees, ankles and hips. The cushioned surface lessens the hard impact of feet on the court, too. Hard surfaces can be painful to play on– while cushioned ones can be quite comfortable. 

If you have a grass or clay court, you can expect to spend quite a bit on maintenance costs over the years. Cushioned tennis court surfaces, on the other hand, are tough and weather-resistant. They don’t require much maintenance at all. You just want to keep them free of standing water, mold, and/or debris. 

There are several tennis court surfaces available. Cushioned courts are definitely worth your consideration. 

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