Why Your School Should Invest in Tennis Courts

Young people today spend a lot of time playing video games and using their smart phones to post and read things on social networking sites. And, as a result, more and more of America’s youth are clinically obese. They’re not getting enough exercise or fresh air.

One sport which almost any young person can play for fun (or competitively) is tennis. Schools with outdoor tennis courts are fortunate because the courts can be used for much of the year, allowing both boys and girls to get aerobic exercise, fresh air, and develop some athletic skill they can use years later. Many retirees enjoy a weekly game of tennis thanks to the skills they learned on the courts of their high school.

Tennis is easy on people’s budgets. Unlike hockey or football with the shoulder pads, helmets, elaborate uniforms, and all sorts of equipment, tennis uses tennis balls, rackets and a string net, keeping the annual investment for the sport low.  It’s a simple game, and people can wear simple outfits to play—tee-shirts, shorts and sneakers work fine.

Since tennis involves hitting a ball back and forth over a net, high school students, in particular, can develop keen hand/eye coordination while they play their friends in a friendly game during “gym class.”

When school’s not in session, the tennis courts can be used by members of the community—of all ages and abilities. The courts are a community asset.

If your school doesn’t have any outdoor tennis courts, you should consider adding some. Classic Turf Company of Woodbury, Connecticut, has been installing tennis courts since the 1980s.  In fact, they recently installed new tennis courts for Manchester High School. The company also revamps courts that may have fallen into disrepair after years of neglect.

Tennis courts are an integral part of any thriving school community. They’re relatively inexpensive community assets providing a positive place for exercise and recreation.