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Tennis and Basketball Court Construction is Necessary for Healthy Communities

Communities all across the northeast United States will be seeing a great increase of residents of all ages taking to the outdoors to take advantage of warmer summer weather. Unfortunately, many municipalities don’t have the facilities to cater to this growing group of outdoor recreational enthusiasts. Here at the Classic Turf Company, we’ve worked with… Read more »

This Summer, Play More Tennis on a Pristine Court

tennis players

This summer, a pristine tennis court installed by the professional staff here at the Classic Turf Company may help you provide a great recreational activity to your family or community. Our Classic Turf Sports Surface is specifically designed for tennis courts, providing consistent ball bounce and softness for less wear and tear on players –… Read more »

The Importance of Hiring the Right Contractor For Tennis Court, Basketball Court and Running Track Installations

Real professionals make installing post tension concrete tennis courts, basketball courts, or running tracks look easy. While it’s true that many contractors or designers know how the process should be done, not all of them have the right qualifications or experience. That’s why when making the selection it is important to take the following qualifications… Read more »