This Summer, Play More Tennis on a Pristine Court

This summer, a pristine tennis court installed by the professional staff here at the Classic Turf Company may help you provide a great recreational activity to your family or community. Our Classic Turf Sports Surface is specifically designed for tennis courts, providing consistent ball bounce and softness for less wear and tear on players – and yet it is waterproof and breathable.

The versatility of our sports surface makes it a great option for almost any sports facility whether it’s indoor or outdoor. Our high-tech, waterproof and breathable surfaces allow us to install tennis courts over almost any base, from wood to concrete to asphalt. This Classic Turf Company product is breathable and waterproof which makes it an ideal sports surface on rooftops, parking garages, and especially on the ground for both public and private communities.

Healthy living and exercise have always been important, but now with our country squarely focused on the issue of obesity, people are trying to find more ways of working athletic recreation into their daily lives. Luckily, there’s a great variety of sports to play which are both fun and provide a fairly safe form of exercise.

Tennis, for example, is a fantastic game to play for many reasons related to health and fitness. Tennis players of all ages and skill levels are forced to run around on the court, resulting in a great aerobic workout for the cardiovascular system. Also, as this article published by The Telegraph reports, starting tennis at a young age may particularly contribute to strong, healthy bones in regular players.

As the writer points out, a recent study released by researchers from Manchester Metropolitan University found that children who played tennis in their younger years could strengthen their bones by up to 63 percent over those who hadn’t played. Although the physical activity still provides positive results in adults, this bone health impact can only be experienced when playing the game from a young age.

As summer gets into full swing, take the time to promote healthier living with your loved ones. Call the Classic Turf Company to discuss our sports surface and post-tension concrete installation while providing a 20 year guarantee. We contribute to athletic facility construction projects all over the northeastern United States.