What can You Do to Increase your Track Time?

Track TimesIf you like to run and want to increase your track time, there are certain things you can do in order to train your body to be its best.

For starters, consider making a plan for your workouts such that certain days are devoted to speed training while others are for weight lifting to make your body and muscles stronger. Typically, speed workouts should take place twice a week and times should be recorded so you can measure your progress over time. Try seeing how fast you run a 20 or 40-yard sprint, recording your times twice a month to keep track of how you’re doing, overall.

Running is more than just moving your legs. Consider the position of your head, back, arms, legs and foot plants. Where are your eyes focused when you run? Ask a friend or coach to video your speed technique workout sessions so you can take a look afterward and notice any areas where you think you could use some changes/improvement. Something as simple as turning your head to notice your competition can slow you down.

Rest is important. Try resting for one minute for every 10 yards of running that you do. When doing sprints, give your body about 30 seconds between them so you’ll be able to breathe properly. To improve your speed, practice “explosive starts” and run 10 sprints in a row, varying the distances from 10 to 50 yards. Besides sprinting, you’ll also want to perform plyometrics, parallel squats, straight-leg deadlifts and flexibility training.

Finally, keep at it; if the weather is “bad” outside, then run indoors. Be consistent rather than doing what too many people end up doing: taking weeks or months “off” and then expecting to perform at their best without having put in the practice and the work to achieve their ultimate goals.

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