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A Guide to Having a Tennis Court Installed in Your Backyard

Have you been thinking about having a tennis court installed in your backyard? Classic Turf Company can make that happen… but first, here’s some information about all the things to consider when planning your court construction… Ample Space First, do you have the room for it? A regulation-sized tennis court for doubles play measures 60… Read more »

Is It Time to Replace Your Running Track?

Running tracks have life cycles. They’re not meant to last forever. If you think about most running tracks, they’re found at schools where a variety of people use them. For instance, a typical high school running track gets used by high school athletes, physical education classes, community sports participants, and, in many cases, as a… Read more »

Tips for Budgeting for a Tennis Court Installation Project

Tennis courts are like pools. Not everyone has one, but most people would love having one to call their own. Frankly, there’s a cost involved with having a tennis court. It’s a luxury item that demands your money, time and energy. If you love playing tennis, it’s totally worth having one. Okay, so you’re thinking… Read more »

How Multipurpose Recreational Courts Help Universities

Does your college or university have multipurpose courts in place? If not, there’s a good chance that many of your students and professors aren’t getting enough exercise on a regular basis. Multipurpose courts provide students and professors with somewhere to go when they want to get a good workout in. And that’s far from the… Read more »

Why is My Tennis Court Cracking?

Tennis players hate cracks in their courts. Can you blame them? A bad crack in the tennis court is not only an eyesore but also a safety issue. No one wants to trip, fall and break their ankle because the tennis court surface was cracked. But it does happen, and that’s not good. Why do… Read more »

The Features of Post Tension Concrete Tennis Courts

When installing a new tennis court, you could use regular asphalt to do it. However, a post-tensioned concrete tennis court would likely be a superior option. Creating a post-tension tennis court involves taking a prepared base and installing a structural concrete slab over top of it. The concrete is then reinforced with a system of… Read more »