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Why Fitness Clubs Should Have Tennis Courts on the Premises

There are more than 40,000 fitness clubs scattered throughout the U.S. right now. If you want to make sure your fitness club can stand out in the crowd, you should strongly consider having tennis courts installed on the premises. You’ll be able to attract more people to sign up for memberships at your fitness club… Read more »

What Affects the Pricing of an Outdoor Basketball Court?

If you’re thinking about building a basketball court in the back of your home or on your commercial property, one of your top concerns might be the price associated with doing it. It can, in some cases, cost a pretty penny to put in an outdoor basketball court. But the final cost will depend on… Read more »

Here’s Why Post Tension Concrete is an Ideal Running Surface

Having constructed tennis, basketball, and multi-sport courts using post tension concrete, Classic Turf Company has also designed and developed the use of the post tension technology in the construction of running tracks. The structural integrity of running tracks built with asphalt have the same faults as tennis and basketball courts constructed with asphalt. They are… Read more »

The Advantages of Prime Coating Sports Surface

Are you planning on building a tennis court, a basketball court, a skate park, a roller hockey rink, or a multipurpose court sometime soon? When you do, you should think about putting a prime coat on it. A good prime coating system will add several extra layers on top of a post-tension concrete slab, among… Read more »

How Does an Outdoor Court Benefit Your Family?

Classic Turf is in the business of designing and installing outdoor court surfaces where people play tennis, basketball and other fun sports. Want to see some of our work? Here it is. How do outdoor courts benefit families? Extra Practice Time Well, for starters, if there’s an aspiring professional athlete in the family who needs… Read more »

Should I have an Asphalt or a Post-Tension Concrete Court Built?

“Should I build an asphalt or post-tension concrete tennis court on my property?” is a question Classic Turf Company of Woodbury, CT, gets asked often. Asphalt tennis courts are the most common type of hard-surfaced courts in the tennis industry today, but post-tension concrete courts are gaining in popularity and numbers for several reasons. Why… Read more »